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Pronunciation means everything in translation

Do you need translation work done? Its vital to get a translator that can accurately translate pronunciation. Did you know that English and Spanish have different rules for commas, sentences, and other pronunciation tools?  Don’t get caught without the right translator. Call InterpretLing today! Pronunciation is hard An English professor wrote the words. . . “a Read More …

English is a tough language to learn!

In this “I love Lucy” episode, Ricky tries to understand the pronunciation of O-U-G-H. As he tries reading the word ‘boughs’ and finds out that its pronounced ‘bow’. Then he learns that ‘rough’ is actually pronounced ‘ruff’. To his dismay, ‘through’ was actually said ‘throo’ and ‘cough’ sounds like ‘coff’. Have you ever had a Read More …

A Translator for Men

Found this funny video about a device that can translate ‘woman speak’ to ‘men talk’ Hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to call for all your translation and interpretation needs in English and Spanish!