Finance Translation and Interpretation

The world of finance is complex and ever changing. Ask your average teller or banker and they may not be able to tell you the difference between P/E and Expense Ratio. The financial world has so many categories full of information, custom terms and information: Investments, Banking, Mortgage, Business, Consumer Loans, and more! You need an interpreter who understands the difference between APY and APR and can translate this into Spanish accurately, even though Spanish doesn’t have a word equivalent to APY and APR. This is because those terms were coined definitions created by US finance law that have not been passed and defined in other countries. Yet, you still need to communicate terms like this to your client. Legal disclosures, product description, and banking services must have the right verbiage and disclosures on them.

 If you are hiring an interpreter to meet with your financial adviser, you need to be able to understand the information given to make sound financial decisions.

Don’t make the mistake of asking a family friend who is bilingual to translate for you during this important meeting. Changes are, they don’t understand or have the training to adequately translate these English-origin words to you. You will get a sentence in Spanish that has “APR” inserted into the sentence, and will have to hope you understand ‘enough’ of the sentence to make a decision.

InterpretLing offers a Spanish-English Translation and Interpretation specializing in the Financial Industry. Call today for your quote!

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