Translation fails if its not industry specific

With rare exception, Interpreters and translators need to have industry specific knowledge and experience. We, here at InterpretLing, don't claim to be experts in every category, but we do have expansive experience in the following industries:

Translation and Interpretation of the Legal industry
Translation of Legal Documents and accurate interpretation for Legal Services couldn't be more important.

Legal Documents
Legal contracts, documents, forms, disclosures and applications are some of the most important documents that your business owns. Hiring a quality, accurate English to Spanish translator that understands legal terminology and has experience translating legal documents and contracts. Choose InterpretLing and get quality, accurate translation of legal forms and documents. Not only will you have an accurate legal document translation, but your replica will look similar to the original for easy reference of information! Check out the "our work" section of the website to see samples of documents and contracts we have done for other customers (personal information omitted). Member of the ATA (American Translators Association)

Check out our Legal Letters page for samples of translated documents

Medical Professionals: The medical field is a highly specialized field with unique terminology. Hiring the wrong interpreter for your hospital, doctors office, or urgent care clinic can result in misunderstandings and misdiagnoses. You care about giving your patients the best care possible and that's why you hire InterpretLing, LLC for your medical interpretation needs. Hire an on-call Interpreter that understands and has training in medical terminology, Spanish-English Medical Translation Certifications and experience interpreting medical visits and consultations.

Individuals: Choose an interpreter who can help you accurately communicate with your medical provider and translate your symptoms correctly.  Call InterpretLing for your appointments, calls and consultations with your medical provider and insurance companies. We are here to help!


Medical Translation and Interpretation
Understand your options through accurate medical translation and interpretation by

Financial Services 

The Financial Services Industry is varied, specialized, and highly technical. You need a translator that understands the difference between APR (Annual percentage rate) and AP (accounts payable), PE (Price to Earnings ratio) and who understands the intricacies of consumer lending, investments, business  and consumer banking, mortgage all the other aspects of your financial business. If you are a business, you need to know that your Spanish interpreter understands financial terms because mistakes can cost you in tax problems, accounting issues, penalties, investor communication and more.

Individual- Don't make the mistake of asking someone who is merely bilingual to translate for your important investment decisions or mortgage application. This can lead to English terms rolling into a Spanglish translation instead of a true translation. Hire a qualified Financial Interpreter to help you understand and communicate with your financial advisers so that you can make the best decisions for your future!

Immigration Services
Your immigration documents are important. You need someone who is familiar with the immigration process and the meticulous care that is needed to translate those official documents for you. Translation mistakes can cost you time, money, and more importantly, it could cost you an approved status. Immigration documents are legal documents and you need a translator who has translated hundreds of documents including birth certificates, marriage certificates, student transcripts, divorce decrees and other important documents. Call InterpretLing today for a quote and get your documents back accurately translated, but also looking official in a similar format and style as the original! No other translator goes that extra mile!


Translation and Interpretation of Natural remedys

Hire an interpreter for your conference and events that truly understands your company and the health and nutritional benefits of your product. You will need an interpreter who is highly skilled in simultaneous translation, familiar and experienced in Nutritional products. Get the correct message across about your product with accurate nuances, meanings and intent so that you can increase market share. Call today and hire an interpreter and translator who understands Natural Health Care!

Personal Services
Are you an individual or a small business that needs a one-time service or translation? Don't worry! InterpretLing can help you also. You will get all the benefit of a highly skilled Spanish-English Interpreter and Translator that big businesses get with a personalized quote for your specific needs. Accuracy in translation is one of the most important parts of doing business with anyone. If your message or documents aren't translated correctly, then huge misunderstandings can arise. Call today!

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