Legal Translation and Interpretation Spanish-English

Legal terminology is precise and specific in meaning and language. When your business needs legal documents, contracts, disclosures, and forms translated, make sure that you hire a translator that is proficient in the language, meaning and uses of legal terms. Your translator needs to understand the proper usage for words that may not have a Spanish equivalent and be able to translate it accurately with the same intent and meaning in Spanish. They need to understand the difference between grantee and grantor, or trustee and trustor. Legal documents require knowledge of business and finance and your translator needs to have experience, not just in the legal court systems, but in these other industries to really have full depth to translate your documents.

Check out our Legal Letters page to see samples of Cesar's work!

Call InterpretLing today and talk to Cesar Duran. He has years of experience translating official government documents, business contracts and disclosures, legal forms and more! He has worked with non-profit agencies to translate their business registration documents for overseas expansion and has translated dozens of legal documents for immigration purposes. You will know that you are getting a qualified Spanish Translator and Interpreter who has vast experience and certifications for translation. Cesar is a registered translator and interpreter for the American Translator Association.

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