The importance of a qualified, certified Spanish medical Translator cannot be emphasized enough. 

What do Rinitis, Phagocyte, Erthrocyte, and Nephrolithiasis all have in common? They are all medical terms. You need an interpreter who is familiar with Medical terms and who has studied medical terminology. Steroid and Sternum could be misunderstood by a second language English speaker who hears and things the words are similar, but conversely, Steroid and Sternum are very different words with different meanings. You need a translator who has an in depth knowledge and understanding of the various medical terms and meanings in both Spanish and in English. 

The medical field is a highly specialized field and hiring an interpreter or translator who has the training and background to accurately translate between Spanish and English is critical. Without accurate translations, health care providers may communicate wrong information, incorrect treatment, and put the patient in harms way. Medical appointments, consultations, and diagnoses should not be done with a general Spanish Interpreter or there is a great risk of misdiagnosis and misunderstanding. Cesar Duran of InterpretLing has multiple medical Spanish translation certificates and experience interpreting and translating in the medical field. He has also taken medical terminology courses to better comprehend medical terms and to be able to more accurately translate them. 

Cesar Duran has experience interpreting for Mountain Lands Medical Clinic in conjunction with United Way. He has interpreted for many who need when they meet with doctors, insurance companies, and specialists so that they can understand and make informed decisions about their treatment options.


Cesar Duran ATA