Simultaneous Interpretation
Simultaneous Interpretation is a highly specialized and trained skill in which your interpreter speaks to your audience at the same time that you are speaking. This is done through headsets so that your Spanish Speaking audience receives the information at the same time as your English Speaking audience. The English to Spanish interpretation is done at the same pace and in the same present tense as the person speaking. The information is not summarized nor given as an overview. Simultaneous Interpretation is a skill that many interpreters have not developed and you should hire an interpreter practiced and experienced with simultaneous interpretation. InterpretLing LLC has exceptionally skilled Spanish-English Simultaneous Interpreters for your business conferences and meetings. We make sure your entire audience understands your presentation without delaying your meetings..

Consecutive Interpretation
Discussions, consultations, appointments, and conference meetings are all situations that require consecutive interpretation. In consecutive interpretation, a speaker talks and then is subsequently translated into the second language by the interpreter. This allows a format whereby communication and discussion can flow two-way. In consecutive interpretation, it is vital that the interpreter understands the subject at hand and can track the information being presented so as to not skip or miss vital information. It also requires that speakers pause more often than they may be used to in normal speech.

Consecutive interpretation can be performed in person, phone, or via technology connections such as GoToMeetings conferences.

Voice to Written Translation
Voice to Written Translation/Interpretation is a custom service that InterpretLing, LLC offers to educators, teachers, coaches and others who have verbal or audio records that they need translated into written language. There are two types of voice to written translation: exact and edited. Exact translation will record the pauses, natural interruptions, and hanging sentences of a speaker so that someone who is performing a voice over can time and learn the exact nuances of the recording and perform it in Spanish. Edited voice to written translation takes out the hanging sentences, vocal stutters and pauses to create a smooth written translation of the audio recording. 

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Sight Translation
Sight Translation is one of most difficult and technical services of interpretation and is rarely offered by Interpreters. It can be difficult finding an interpreter who has experience in sight translation. Sight translation involves the interpreter reading a source text and simultaneously translating the text verbally into the target language. This is usually done with consent forms, legal documents, and witness statements. The forms are usually very technical and niche and will require a high degree of technical knowledge from your interpreter. The interpreter must be able to read the written message, understand the concepts, translate them, and remain aware of his or her voice reflections, volume, pronunciation, and clarity.

Don't make the mistake of hiring an interpreter who does not have experience in sight translation. Call InterpretLing today and get an interpreter who has certification is legal and medical terminology, the skills of simultaneous interpretation and experience in sight translation.


Translation involves converting written text from one language to another. InterpretLing produces high quality, accurate translations. Our translations honor the original format. We are specialized and certified in many industries, including medical, legal and finance. We do unique and custom translations. We can accept documents in nearly any format including Mac, MS Office, and Adobe. You get a translation done by a native, trained, translator and proof read by another expert. 

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Website Translation
Expand your reach, spread your message, and promote your product through bilingual websites. Not only will you find it easier to rank in other languages than in English, but you will be able to educate and reach millions of new customers. InterpretLing provides website translation in easy to implement formats. We provide web page address, images of the origin text, followed by the translated text. This makes it easy for web designers to copy the translated text into your copied pages and makes website conversion fast and easy! Call us today! 

Official Documents and Services

Do you need government forms, disclosures, certifications, school transcripts or other official documents translated? These documents are often needed for applications and admissions, be it higher education, immigration or disclosure purposes. Our official document translation provides exceptional service. We don't just give you a translation like others, but give you a visually similar document that makes it easier to read and understand the translated document. Check out our work to see samples. 



Immigration Documents and Services
Your immigration documents are important. You need someone who is familiar with the immigration process and the meticulous care that is needed to translate those official documents for you. Translation mistakes can cost you time, money, and more importantly, it could cost you an approved status. Immigration documents are legal documents and you need a translator who has translated hundreds of documents including birth certificates, marriage certificates, student transcripts, divorce decrees and other important documents. Call InterpretLing today for a quote and get your documents back accurately translated, but also looking official in a similar format and style as the original! No other translator goes that extra mile!  

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